🖥 Spotify, the Audio Market, and Business Model Leverage

Venture Desktop — Episode 1

Hey! 👋

Welcome to Venture Desktop, a new weekly audio(ish) thing I am trying out where I look back at all the stuff I worked on over the last week and try to pull out some learnings from what I am picking on the ground as I think about, invest in, and work with companies that are building the future of work, wellness, media, cities, and industry.

It is not long form, but it is a deep dive and if you are interested in or work in the areas mentioned above, I think you will find it valuable. Below the video, you can find all of the links I went through in the recording.

If you have any feedback — on content, format, etc. — definitely let me know! You can respond here or find me over on Twitter, @brettbivens.

This week, I dive deep on Spotify, the exploding audio market, and a concept called Business Model Leverage. Enjoy!

Spotify, the audio market, and business model leverage

Deep Cuts

  1. Retweetables — Semil on Followability

  2. Rereadables — Bill Gurley on the 10x Revenue Club

  3. Relistenables — A16Z, A Podcast About Podcasting