Consumer Subscription Trends and a Framework for Growth Stage Investing

Two new posts and a new website

Hey! đź‘‹

I wrote two new posts this week that I wanted to share.

Consumer Subscription Trends →

The consumer subscription software segment fits in very well with my definition of an underrated market opportunity. This analysis goes into four emerging factors unlocking scale for consumer subscription software companies — Precision Subscription, Expensability, Bundling, and Private Equity.

A Growth Stage Investment Framework →

Most of the work that I do is with early stage companies but I also love evaluating and working with growth stage companies. Here, I’ve pulled together some quick thoughts on (qualitatively) evaluating scaling technology companies.

Long-time readers will notice that I’ve migrated away from publishing new posts on Substack in favor of a new website (still in the process of migrating old posts!). I will use Substack to notify you when I write new essays or think there is something else worth calling to your attention!

If you have any feedback on the shift, have some ideas for ways we can work together, or just generally want to connect, I would love to hear from you.

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