One Person Companies are (Still) Underrated

Why the next McKinsey, Harvard, or Benchmark might start on Substack, with a Teachable course, or as a podcast

Hey from Paris! 👋

Wanted to share a quick one-page memo that I wrote this week looking at why One Person Companies are underrated using a framework I wrote about last month. This is an opportunity I am passionate about and have been an active investor in as part of the team at TechNexus over the last few years.

Read the Memo →

You’ll see when you click through that the memo is published in Notion. I’ve been using Notion more and more as my primary channel to learn in public. In addition to becoming a really great team and work tool (we use it at our company), I think Notion could end up becoming a sort of “Pinterest for Knowledge.” I’m excited to see what kinds of behavior emerges as they continue to build out the platform.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on One Person Companies. You can come discuss on Twitter!