Founding Dots, backing Hopin and TIER, and what it is like to work with Tencent
Checking in on a (still) underrated category.

October 2020

Two new posts and a new website

August 2020

SaaS lessons from Warren Buffett, the best seed pitch ever, and key questions about the future of bottoms up software...
Introducing a new series of compilations sharing the stories behind the world's most interesting and important companies.

July 2020

Why aligning incentives with your customers is key to capturing the value you create.
How the world's most successful companies gained power
Why the next McKinsey, Harvard, or Benchmark might start on Substack, with a Teachable course, or as a podcast
The driving insight behind Nike, TikTok, and Figma.

June 2020

A framework for analyzing the catalysts of emergent demand
Ushering in the Metaverse of Health.
Organizing for InnovationListen now (17 min) | This audio essay explores how corporations can empower new people with new ideas to drive more inclusive growth. You can read the…